So, I guess it's time...

Yeah, it's time for this post. I've been dragging it out for a while but, here we go.

I haven't really been up to the sims for a while, and I kind of don't want to get back into it. I really need to focus on school, and I most definitely have no time to play/create when I'm not on break from school. My university is famous for its absurd/impossible workload, and I'm struggling to excel academically while also trying to have a memorable and enjoyable college experience. I'm mainly fine, but I've definitely bitten off more than I can chew, and there are only 24 hours in a day. I'm trying to double major in two very demanding majors, am actively involved in my sorority (AOII), designing for an upcoming fashion show... I barely have time to eat & sleep. I've even had to give up MMA, which as some of you know, was a major part of life.

I'm not going to be deleting my livejournal/tumblr and I won't be taking down any of my dropbox links. I no longer have sims on my computer, so I can' fix broken links/retake pictures/etc. You're more than welcome to reshare/reupload anything of mine, I really don't mind. It would be nice if I could still get some credit, but I'm kind of indifferent at this point.

I just want to say that I'm very thankful for getting to be a part of this wonderful community. I have met some absolutely amazing people and have made some wonderful friends. I will definitely miss it. <3

P.S. If you're in the Chicagoland area, we should go get a coffee or something. (Or you should come down to the MODA Chicago Winter Show at Union Station that'll be sometime in February I think cause I'm one of the designers! Message me/Comment if you want more info!)

... Back, for a bit?

Hey guys!
Hope all is well with you. I'm back for a little bit - I'm back in Egypt and currently have Sims installed on this computer! HOWEVER, as for creating... I'm honestly not sure if I'm going to be back at it. I want to finish up my trades that I had completely forgotten about, but I'm currently working from 10-6 and sometimes longer 6 days a week... but we'll see! I've been needing a creative outlet. :)
Please let me know how you've all been, I've missed you all dearly! ^^

... I couldn't think of a non-cheesy title

Hey everyone, I haven't been around much, or well, at all lately - and I'd like to apologize, particularly to Fanaskher, Eva and Io (and Lina!) who have been so patient with me in regards to the trades I still owe them (which I will be finishing up as soon as possible). My life has been incredibly hectic, I'm moving tonight and it was both a physical and emotional strain packing everything up. The last few weeks have not been very easy otherwise either, my mum's car got stolen last Friday and I've been running around with her to try and sort it out (unless you live in a developing country you couldn't understand how utterly depressing seeing the chaos that is my country's security system) but with no luck... it was a huge shock to my mum and she's not dealing with it so well especially since it's coupled with the fact that I won't be living with her anymore. Anyway, this is basically a drawn-out goodbye, I'll still be around and all but I highly doubt that I will be creating any time soon. I hope you're all well!


I know I haven't been around for a while, and just thought I'd explain myself. I've got a few things going on in the real world that are taking up most of my time and energy, including school work and several personal issues that I have to deal with... which leaves pretty much no time for the majority of things I used to do for fun, including Sims. Hopefully everything will be much better by early June and I'll be back better than ever. :3

Hope everything is alright with you guys, I'll miss you all so much! <3

Andale - a skinblend

I've been working on this skin for absolutely ages, and I'm glad to say it's finally done!

The face has primarily bold features - prominent nose root and bulb, thick-hooded eyelids and sharp shading around the cheek hollows for strong cheekbones. Credits go to Jirka/Glance and trappingit for the original skins I hacked apart, Rensim (I think) for the teeth, and Ephemera for the bodies (no fitness states, by the way).

I'm really pleased with how the darker colours turned out - they're definitely not seamless, but they're pretty smooth as you can see in the couple of pictures below (yay for re-importing via SimPE!), both the bodies and the faces. Using .dds files made the packages absolutely huge, but I remembered to compressorize this time, so they shouldn't take up too much space in your game.

Available in 6 colours, the bottom 3 were based off of trappingit's fantastic colour actions, although edited a little afterwards.

And I think that's it! If you spot anything off, please let me know. Enjoy!


Happy holidays from Zahara - hair and make up

It's almost 5 AM, but I really want to get this up before I head off to bed, so apologies for any mistakes I may make in my rush. It's been a few months since I've posted anything over here, so time for a change! I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season, and have big plans for the new year! Anyway, moving on to the actual post:

A small set of lips, a blend of Bruno and Allure_Gal on an alpha by Pooklet. 8 colours, suitable for a wide range of skintones.


Some natural recolours of Bruno's 'Dazzle dust' shadows, which are really lovely. They've been slightly blended with the eyelid texture off of one of Trapping's brilliant skin sets, and were designed to match a range of her tones. 8 colours; 7 natural and a bonus 'smokey eye' colour.


A random LaPink eyebrow I found in my game, blended with... an ephemera brow, I think, I'll have to double check in the morning. Available in 7 colours. Credits go to clarejosephine for the gorgeous model.


And finally, a retexture of Peggy #8012, which I absolutely adore. V2 of Pooklet's textures, in all of their natural colour actions as well as Io's new family. Binned and familied, but the mesh is not included because I forgot. You can get it here, from the booty.


And that should be it, unless I'm forgetting something - if you spot something off, please do let me know!

do it again - two raon hair retextures

Hey guys, I hope you are all having a fantastic day (I just had the best day ever and want to spread to joy)! I go back to school tomorrow, so unfortunately I won't be able to update as often, although I am working on some things. I'll still be active! However, this is my final school year and I want to go out with a bang, and I've also got college applications, coursework, and a whole lot of reading to catch up on - meep. Anyway, onto the actual post, featuring some absolutely gorgeous preview pictures by the fantastic cynicocratical. Both hairs come in all of Pooklet's naturals and Io's new natural colours, in V2 of Pooklet's textures with the two greys linked to Dynamite and Shrapnel. Binned and familied, both meshes are included in the .rar files.

First up, Raon 72 - alpha edited to remove the bow.


Aaaand Raon 103 - I absolutely adore this hair! I retextured it pretty much the minute I snagged it off the booty.